3 thoughts on “Events in PARIS – TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN…

  1. Andrew, I’d like that comment better if it advised us to bow our heads in humility, accept what has happened, and learn to live with others. I say so because what happened in Paris was eminently predictable. It was predicted — in fact — by a man, one of our greatest experts (now regrettably deceased) on foreign affairs, an eminent scholar named Chalmers Johnson.

    Mr. Johnson wrote three books on Uncle Sam’s terror war: the first was “Blowback;’ second was “The Sorrows of Empire;” third was “Nemesis.” The three are a trilogy, and I strongly recommend that you read them all before you start feeling sorry for the poor, humble, fight-only-on-the-side-of-justice-and-freedom, Western powers.

    In the vein of the first three, Johnson wrote a fourth that was published posthumously. It is a rational conclusion to rational arguments made in the first three books. The title itself kinda-sorta tells the story. It is “Dismantling the Empire: America’s Last, Best Hope.” All of the books I’ve named are easy reading. Not only was Mr. Johnson a great scholar: He was an able scribe.

    In conclusion I will state plainly that what happened in Paris was the fault of Uncle Sam and the Western Alliance. It was inevitable, just as inevitable as the bombs that will soon be going off in New York, Chicago, et. al. Uncle Sam’s reaction will be to declare martial law, keep us shut in our homes, and suspend all of our civil liberties.

    That’s all Uncle Sam will be able to do because the likes of what happened in Paris is impossible to stop. If Sam puts a bone in his nose and kills half of the people on the planet in an attempt to stop what’s now happening, all his murderous rampage will accomplish is to make violent revolutionaries of the other half.

    Don’t believe it? All you gotta do is hide and watch. Meantime, read those books I assigned you.

    Best of luck to you and all the rest of us.



    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have not read Mr. Johnson, but I am a student of history. Our present difficulties in the Middle East date back to 1918. When we, along with England, created phony countries after WWl. We drew lines on a map and told people they were now citizens of this country or that country. Starting then, we have interfered in their lives to no end, including assassinating their duly elected leaders and installing our puppets.

      Of course, we are to blame for everything going on in the ME at the moment. And the only intelligent and honorable thing to do would be to leave and let them live their own lives. But that will not happened. If we were an evolved people, our leaders would apologize for past transgressions and get us the hell out of there.

      Al Qaeda was started by Bin Laden because the US had military bases in the country that housed Mecca. It was a sacrilege. Al Qaeda in Iraq came into being because of our invasion. Al Qaeda in Iraq morphed into ISIS. Yes, the chickens are coming home to roost.

      No one would listen to me after 9/11. Everyone wanted revenge . . . everyone was afraid. What can one do? I stood back and observed as we were lied into a war that eventually led us to Paris.

      I agree with you. But here’s the rub . . . people don’t know our history . . . their history. They are too busy watching the Kardashians. After Paris they are afraid. I will leave them with their fear. jesus tried to show us they way. All that I can do is write these few, pitiful words . . . and observe once again as things are escalated. Jesus gave us an out, but we will not take it.

      Adios mi amigo . . .


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