Saturday Morning Coffee – With Linda Bethea, Christoph Fischer and D. Wallace Peach

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life


I love variety in my life. Food, music, books, locations etc (not husbands, one is great!).

My three guests today certainly provide a wonderful variety of experiences that they share through their writing on their blogs or books. They have travelled far to join us this morning, from Louisiana, Oregon and Wales via England and Germany. I hope you enjoy your visit and pour yourself a cup of coffee and help yourself to some of the pastries on offer.  Meet my first guest……..


Linda Bethea – New York Cheesecake and the real Chicory Coffee!

My first guest this morning is Linda Bethea of where you will find a wonderfully varied mix of humour, commonsense and history. Linda and I connected through our blogs and I was delighted when she offered to contribute a post earlier this year for the Women’s Health Week. Linda had a long career as nurse…

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