A Review of Andrew Joyce’s “Molly Lee”

Reading Other People

I don’t think it would be necessarily fair to describe Andrew Joyce’s Molly Lee as historical fiction. Sure enough there are elements of a Wild West historical era that plays out in the backgrounds of the lives that are unfolding as the pages turn, but Molly Lee is more than the aforementioned genre. It’s a fusion of styles and formulas that have resulted in a new kind of hybrid of storytelling: the mash-up spaghetti western.

Joyce’s expertly crafted Molly Lee is almost like a character study in heroism, replete with flaws aplenty. Choosing to have a female protagonist instead of the usual male-dominated one in these types of genres is the first clue that Molly Lee is unlike any other character you’ve ever met before. She’s stubborn and gutsy, dedicated and passionate. It’s funny that these traits are used to describe Molly Lee since they are the usual traits that…

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5 thoughts on “A Review of Andrew Joyce’s “Molly Lee”

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