Danny Wants to Play

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Danny Wants to Play

Danny the DogThis is another communiqué from Dannyland. I’m Danny or to my fans, Danny the Dog.

Today, I’d like to tell you what happened this morning after I walked my human. As most of you know by now, my human’s name is Andrew. We live on the “Asun,” that’s the name of our boat. She’s named after my friend Suni. Andrew wanted to call her the Andrew, but I nixed that idea. I mean how narcissistic can you get? Well, in his case, a lot.

Before I can get to the events of this morning, I have to preface the story by telling you what happened two days ago. In a previous communication, I told you how I outsmarted Andrew and earned myself an hour of freedom. In addition, I reported that while running free, I came across a delicious treat and ate it. I’m…

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One thought on “Danny Wants to Play

  1. Danny, my Sweetpea, I call you many things but I–writer extraordinaire, just like you–have come up with the best new nickname for you: Danny the Devil-Dog!! In fact I think I will revisit The Ape’s site and broadcast my genius there. Do you like it? (It is a term of endearment, you know! puuuuuur just for you!)


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