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Andrew JoyceMy name is
Andrew Joyce, and I write books for a living. My dog, Danny, usually occupies this space, but he’s off sailing with his girlfriend. So now ya’all are stuck with me. I can already hear the moans and groans, but don’t worry, Danny will return to these pages next month.

Chris has been kind enough to allow me a little space (only because Danny was not available) on his blog to promote my new book, MOLLY LEE. (It’s averaging 4.9 stars on Amazon.) I would like to do so by telling you of something that happened to me a long time ago, and for what it’s worth, this a true story. However, first a commercial break. Here’s the Amazon link to my book:


Now we can get started.

It was 1968; I was eighteen-years-old, and I was hitchhiking from Miami to New York. I had…

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