Interview: Andrew Joyce, Author of Molly Lee

Dab of Darkness

JoyceMollyLeeEveryone, please welcome Andrew Joyce, historical fiction author. Today we chat about bathroom breaks, Gandhi, women’s undergarments, and much more. Come join us for a most entertaining discussion!

Reality in my fiction: how important is it? Lengthy travel, cussing, and bathroom breaks happen in real life. How do you address these mundane occurrences in your writings?

I mostly write Historical Fiction, and it takes a lot of research to get things right. If I don’t do my research, I can count on at least one of my readers bringing it to my attention. Everything must be historically correct, from any languages I use to the descriptions of the way people dressed, spoke, and lived. I must know about the era; the nomenclature . . . everything about that time period. I spend as much time on research as I do writing my stories. Sometimes more. My latest book…

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