Searchin’ For You


When the night has come and the city is dark, that is the time that I leave my cabin. That is the time I go searchin’ for you. I look into the honky-tonks and I walk the streets knowing that one night I will find you.

You have long black hair that flows over your shoulders. Your eyes are gray, you have curves that I did not think a woman could ever have. I know everything about you except your name. Is it Diane? Is it Nadine? Or is it Aphrodite? You are my goddess of love.

When the night has gone and the light in the east tells me I must stop my quest, I go back to my cabin and think of you.

I saw you five months ago walking with a man. You went into Jimbo’s honky-tonk, and I followed. I sat at the bar and watched you. As I looked on, I fell in love. I fell in love with your smile and with your laugh. I fell in love with your beauty. From that moment on, I was yours. You just don’t know it yet. I should have followed you then, but I couldn’t move. I thought you’d be back soon, but haven’t seen you since. However, that is all right.

I dream of you while I sleep the day away. I know that if I am to find you it will only be in the dark of night where I first saw you. I’m searchin’ for you baby, and one day I will find you.


2 thoughts on “Searchin’ For You

  1. I love it…the emotions behind the search….the underlying tension. Anytime one can tell so much with so few words is humbling, IMHO. Wonderful short story!


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