Danny, Suni and Pirri

Suni and Pirri
Suni and Pirri

I had a surprise visit today from two old friends.

Just in case you do not know who I am, I’m Danny the Dog. I live on a boat with my human; his name is Andrew. My friends’ names are Suni and Pirri. Suni is a fine looking human and Pirri is not so bad looking either, he’s a dog.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them and I was happy that they came for a visit. My tail was wagging a mile a minute. Of course, Andrew being the sloth that he is, thought he’d have to do something to entertain them, which would mean getting up off his butt.

However, he got lucky. Suni wanted to go to a “dog” park so that Pirri and I could play. Now, Andrew knows that I do not play, but he kept his big mouth shut (for once) and said nothing. He was just happy that he didn’t have to go too.

I only went along because I like being with Suni. Pirri is okay, but if I was a human (thank God I’m not) I’d fall in love with Suni.

So we got to the park, and now I know why they call it a dog park. There were humans and dogs all over the place. I’m not big on humans and I’m not so fond of dogs either. But Suni had a smile on her face, so I went through the gate. If I had been with Andrew, I would have bit him.

The first thing that happened is that Suni took off my leash. Andrew never does that. The second thing that happened is that two male humans came over with their little dogs (which I hate) and asked Suni if their dogs could play with hers. But before things could progress any further, I nipped one of their precious dogs. One of the humans said that I bit the stupid thing. But it worked out, I got rid of them, but at a cost, Suni shook her finger at me and told me I was a bad dog. I know I’m a bad dog, that’s me, but I didn’t want Suni to know it.

So Suni put my leash back on and we sat under a tree in the shade while Pirri consorted with all sort of canines. Good for him, because for a little while I had Suni all to myself.

When we got back to the boat, Suni left Pirri and me out on the deck, and she went down below into the cabin. I don’t know what transpired in there, but when Suni and Andrew next emerged, they both had shit-eatin’ grins on their faces. They were probably eating hotdogs, my favorite!

So now it’s nighttime, Suni and Andrew have gone out and I’m here with Pirri. He’s okay but he’s no Suni. And when they get back, I think I’ll bite Andrew just on general principles and for hogging Suni.

6 thoughts on “Danny, Suni and Pirri

  1. Hi Danny / Andrew, I have been offline for a while, but am back and catching up.
    You still have that something, and so have you Andrew lol. I enjoyed this one. Keep writing and I will continue reading with pleasure.


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