Danny and Bob

31091_1348757250745_6079042_nWell folks, I’ve told you all about my girlfriend, my human and other good stuff. So today, I’m going to tell you about my best friend Bob, he’s a dog like me, I’m Danny the Dog.

Bob and I met up at the park where I sometimes take my human. By the way, my human’s name is Andrew. He’s not too smart, but he does put food on the table every night. So for that I keep him around. Of course, I eat out of a bowl on the floor; it is so much more refined than eating at a table, but back to Bob.

When Bob and I first met, I must admit that I was a bit rambunctious. He’s yellow lab and he is bigger than me, so from the get go I had to teach him who was in charge. It didn’t take long and now we are fast friends. But what I want to tell you about is the time we got away from our humans and had a night on the town.

I was sitting out on the dock next to our boat, it was late and Andrew was asleep. I like to spend the night outside. You never know, maybe a stray cat might wonder by, and who doesn’t like to chase cats? Anyway, I’m sitting there protecting the marina from marauding cats when who do I see trotting toward me but Bob!

He told me he had gotten out of his yard by digging a hole under the fence and that because we were best buds, he came over to hip me to the fact that there were two overturned garbage cans down the block and the pickings were good. I must say that I was touched that he would come and get me to share in such a succulent feast. Needless to say we headed right out as Bob lead the way.

I’ll cut this short and not describe all the goodies we found in those cans. Suffice it to say we had a grand old time. When it started to get light out, I told Bob I had to head back to the boat because if Andrew got up and saw me gone, he’d freak out.

So that is why I like Bob, in fact he’s the only dog that I do like.

3 thoughts on “Danny and Bob

  1. Love your stories Andrew. That twitter thing was someone “friend” fooling with my PC. No worries, and not feed up ,lol


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