My Name is Danny

31091_1348759650805_5378452_nHello, My name is Danny. Some people, well, most people, call me a dog. But I am a person just like everyone else. I may be only two feet tall and have four legs (and some fur), but I’m a person nonetheless. Just ask my roommate Andrew.

Andrew and I live together on a boat. It’s cozy as long as it’s the two of us. However, sometimes he brings home a female and then I have to sleep out on the deck. It’s just ain’t fair.

The other day I was taking Andrew for a walk, and two females came up to us, and of course, they spoke to me first. “What a cute little fella.” the blond said. At that I just had to wag my tail. Then the other one bent down and rubbed my head. Boy do I love it when females rub me!

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that those two would have been plenty happy to come back to the boat with me. And maybe we could have had something to eat (I like hot dogs) and then maybe one of them or both could have scratched my tummy. (I like that too.)

And you know what? Next time I might just bring them back to the boat and then Andrew will have to sleep out on the deck while me and the two girls eat hot dogs and scratch each other’s tummies.

6 thoughts on “My Name is Danny

  1. Danny! Danny! what are you up to now? I had my suspicions about you, I always thought you were a human, had my doubts about Andrew! but you my shaggy friend. Take it easy out there, remember who feeds you and, after all Andrew had to keep up his impeccable reputation for his readership okay?
    I still love ya tho’


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